Environmental Problems

One Environmental problem I have noticed is air pollution. There is tons of air pollution, causing global warming. This is caused by cars, factories, electricity, and many other objects. Air pollution is made up of several different substances like methane, nitrous oxide, and ammonia. The effects are easy to identify. Here are some examples:

  1. Acid Deposition. Acid Deposition is like acid rain, but it can also be in snow and in fog or gas and dust. It mainly forms during fossil fuel combustion.
  2. Smog. Smog is a combination of smoke and fog. It mainly consists of ozone. It is a brown oxidizing fog.
  3. Ozone loss. Ozone is created everywhere in the atmosphere. Ozone is decompose of visible light and UV-A light. During decomposition an oxygen-poor molecule is released, which aids in the breakdown.

Another Environmental problem is groundwater pollution. Most of the groundwater is safe but at times it can be polluted. Any chemicals that are easily soluble and penetrate the soil are prime candidates for groundwater pollutants. A potential pollution problem can still reach a well miles away through underground water currents. For example a chemical that spills at an industrial plant miles away, could infiltrate the ground and eventually enter the aquifer system that an entire community uses for their private wells. Once it is contaminated  it is extremely costly to remove the contamination.

A third problem is electrical waste. This is from not turning off lights and other electricity users. This causes it to be wasted for something someone isn’t even using at all. This can be a problem since you could re-use it later.

A fourth problem would be water waste. I have noticed my neighbors water their lawns for about 30 minutes a day even if it had just rained. This problem is shorting the usable water.

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